Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Anna's 16th!!

OOh! it has been so long I confess I have forgotten what I am doing!!!!
Lots of cobwebs in here and lots of dust !
I have tried a couple of times to post without success due to one thing or another and then given up so hopefully fingers crossed this will work.
It was a while ago when i made this for my lovely niece Anna on her 16th birthday, didn't want anything too cutesy as obviously she is growing up into a fine young lady but still wanted it to be girly.
Pink and yes of course Kraft - hope you like.
Milestone birthdays seem to be the thing at the mo for me, will have a couple more to share soon.
Blogger permitting of course lol x
Hope you are all well, that is if anyone still visits x
Bye for now x