Friday, 21 April 2017

2nd Attempt!

Hi ya,
After trying the magic slider card, I thought I would have another go as I was in the flow - or so I thought!!!
Goodness how wrong was I , it really didn't come together at all, the sliding part did not want to be my friend at all, so I will be calling this card the gatefold card without the magic sliding bit!!!
Here is the front of the card, quite simple just with a sentiment

And here is the inside

I do love this colour combo pink and green I believe I have done a few in different papers before but still the colour combo its lovely and refreshing.
I think the stamp is penny black and the border is a CC designs.
There is a bit of bling and sparkle from stickles but alas can never seem to catch in a photo!

Hope you like, enjoy the weekend !!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Gatefold Shutter Card

Hi there,
I have been seeing a few cards of late which if I remember rightly are called a gatefold shutter card.
I love the overall affect and decided to give it a shot so this is my first attempt , could be a little neater , hopefully they will improve as I make others.
I know we are in April and yes I decided to choose a Christmas theme as will be taking part in the ABC christmas challenge (home) or (informal).
Maybe my next one will be Easter themed which is more appropriate for this time of year!
Here is the front of my card which has a little belly band t0 keep the card closed
This is such a cute image and from a very old Doodlebug stamp set i stumbled upon when i was searching for something else.
The inside of the card is when the magic happens as you may be able to see here
The green pieces of card are attached to the outer folds so when you open the card they pull apart revealing the message it's so cool!
Thanks for looking x