Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My 1st Award!!

Hullo hullo,
Mrs Wonka has very kindly presented me my first award!!
I am sitting here like a cheshire cat as you can imagine, :) :) :)
I would like to spread this love to all you lovely people out there
(oh my god i'm sounding like Barry White!)
Each and everyone of you who has kindly visited my little blog
and made me feel very welcome in blogland!!
Please help yourself and
Toodle pop!

Summer ?

Hullo hullo,
Good morning to you all -is it really Summer it looks really dull here today.
So to brighten up your day I have posted a nice summery card , I made this a long long time ago at a card class with my dear friend Tracy. Oooh how I struggled fingers and thumbs everywhere, but I kept it so I could make more, and never did.
I will certainly be having a go at making others like this as it is a lovely design, i'm not sure what it's called but I think it might be a diamond fold card or as i call it "my springy thingy!"
Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing - crafting if ya lucky!
Toodle pop!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Another Green Card!

Hullo Hullo,
I didn't realise how much green I have already shown but I love this particular paper called Morning Flight by kaisercrafts, it also looks great with oriental images ( I think so anyway x)
I really am loving these stamps so you may get a little fed up with them, I ordered these as a set and when I received them they had also popped in the flower stamp that i have used in the corners of the images and the message " a little birdie told me" stamp, I have popped this on the inside as when I had finished this card realised I wasn't quite sure where to put it.
Not much on this card but I think it works I haven't quite made my mind up yet, I still think it's missing a little something ..........
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my efforts.
Toodle pop!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Pretty in Pink

Hullo Hullo,
I have a little pretty pink card for today using the scalloped circle card from my Wild Card Cricut Cartridge - I really love this shaped card as you don't actually need to put a lot on it as I think the shape is the main feature. I have made lots of these shaped cards and wished I had taken photos of all now I am posting in blogland.
I had also decorated the inside but cannot find the image, nothing new for me alway's manage to delete something, including a couple of post's that kind ladies had sent me, i thought I had published them but they had disappeared
:( apologies xx
Enjoy whats left of your Weekend
Toodle pop

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Another man card from my man drawer!

Hullo Hullo,
Another man card today I love this style looks like it takes ages but in fact it doesn't, but the finished product is amazing on the front I have used a magnolia stamp fantastic for teenagers.
The multi talented Kim Fee taught this method on a card class - she so cool!!!
As you open the card there is a flappy down bit which I have placed the name of the recipient (ooh hark at me!) you could always put your greeting here.

Ta dah! and this is the finished product which stands alone, everyone who has received a card like this loves it as it is a real eye catcher the star is floating with a little bit of acetate best to use clear acetate. Do you think i could find mine that day - no way they had to make do with squiggley bits on theirs !
Must Tidy my craft room any tips on keeping it spotless!
Toodle pop!

Friday, 27 March 2009

It's Frrriddday!!!

Hullo Hullo,
It's Friday and I wonder what all you "Funtime Frankies" will be up to this weekend?
I shall be very busy as I am fortunate enough to work at my local craft shop "Craftsulove" and this weekend is our Spring Extravaganza where there are lots of workshops and demo's from 10am -3pm so if you've nothing planned pop along and say Hi!
My card for today is one of the cards that I made for my son, nice and simple with a couple of stickers, looking at it now I really must perfect the art of matting and layering -any tips?
Well must go was mean't to be having an early night so i will be full of beans in the morn!
Enjoy your weekend
Toodle pop!
mmmm..... monkeys evereywhere x

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Day 3 in Suzie Q's House!!!

Hullo, Hullo,

As you can see no champagne today I have mellowed to a cup of tea!

I love these stamps they are so lovely to colour especially with the fab copic pens - I now need to master the shading techniques that I see on so many a blog , practice makes perfect so they say.

This layout was a sketch from A spoonful of sugar ( I think) I can see myself using this time and time again.

You may have noticed I have a change of scenery I hope you like it - I certainly do especially the monkeys, I always wanted one as a kid I think that stems from seeing them on Brighton Pier with the man who used to charge to have a photo done with the monkey. I never wanted the photo I just wanted the monkey so I could dress him up and stick him in my dolls pram!!

Needless to say years on I now have 3 monkeys of my own - but not the hairy variety!!

Big thanks to Mrs Wonka for conjuring up my new blog background as its so me!!

Lets face it for those who knows Mrs Wonks you ain't gonna get anything serious going on.

Until next time

Toodle pop!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So Chuffed!!

Hullo, Hullo,
Firstly thank you to everyone who has come and visit me and my blog and leave me lovely comments, " I am well chuffed" to say the least.
I think it may be something to do with a certain Mrs Wonka who took it upon herself to display my birth into blogland all over her blog this morning - for this I am grateful of course.
Although stupidly I was feeling very nervous and then even more so when I popped on to her blog!
I must confess I am not too clever on the ole pooter as many of my friends will confirm, so it may take me a little longer to work my way around blog land than most normal folk I will do my best.
It is a long standing joke that I am ribbed about often when I rang my computer helpline for advice and the guy on the phone asked me
"What windows do you have madam?"
To which I replied "Sash, but what has that got to do with My Computer?"

However I do have a personal computer wizard who doesn't seem to mind me calling whatever time and she seems to know all the answers to anything -good ole Trace your a diamond!
This is the card I made my lovely Mum (Hi Muv) for mothers day. I have used a sketch for this card which I came across on Cards by Tiets Blog. This lady is so talented if I know how to link I would. Trace help lol
You will begin to notice that I do love Elzybells so be prepared!
Toodle Pop!
eta I now know how to link yahoo!
Here it is cards by tiets

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My 1st Post!

Hullo Hullo and welcome to my very 1st post in blogland!!
Whilst i normally spend many a time stalking many blogs (super blogs!)looking at brilliant cards and getting lots of inspiration and listening to myself saying "Oh why can't i think of that!" i have decided to jump straight in and give it a go myself.
I constantly buy the latest products and never get round to using them always saying i never get the time.
Things are now going to change i shall dust off my stash, stop stroking my new pretty papers and start using them - after all that is the general idea!
Although very nervous i would like to thank my "3 followers" (good pals of mine)
that have decided to follow me even though my poor little blog was naked so to speak!and for putting the pressure on to kick start my little crafty corner.
So for my 1st card i have used my Leanne Ellis stamp appropriately with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate my first post along with Basic Grey sugar papers, raffia, papermania shimmer dots (ilove these) and believe it or not the cream sort of ribbon thing is out of a body shop gift box you know them scrubby things you are mean't to exfoliate your self with -yeah i chopped it and threadled my raffia through (like a true crafter i thought!)
Anyway must remember not to waffle.
Toodle pop!
Phew I did it yeeha!!!!!!!!!!