Friday, 26 November 2010

Crimbo Cards!!

Hullo, hullo,
I'm back with some fantastic Penny Black Mimi Christmas cards which I made on a class with the lovely Mrs Wonka last night, first up is this little cutie and I learnt how to make my image lovely and sparkly, unfortunately David Bailey was busy so I had to take my own pics but trust me this is a real sparkler!!!
I like all of them but this is my favourite, another card design I had never tried before and yet so "Simples"!!
Another angle for you isn't it cool may have to try and make some little scenes with this design!!
Last but not least Mimi decorating her tree, aren't they cute and look at all that Kraft paper well crumb cake (SU) isn't it devine I was in my element!!!
There was a great bunch of ladies and we had a scream like we always do - well I must own up they probably think of me as Ladette to lady!!!
We get thoroughly spoilt at Mrs Wonka's there is always chocolate on tap!! (Well you know what I mean - not literally!) but I think Mr Wonka maybe working on it!!

Finally I received 2 lovely awards from a couple of lovely blogging buddies, Elaine and Nicki and funnily enough they were the same just a different colour!!
Apparently they think I have "Attitude" see it's confirmed I am officially a Ladette!!! lol
These are special as they also come with a $5 dollar gift certificate to spend at Digis with Attitude, aren't I Lucky - Thank you ladies!!
I do have to tell you 3 things about myself though - umm where do i start...........
1. I love music and singing (can't sing but love to practice!) all types of music but especially Linkin Park when I am doing my housework.
If the kids are annoying me I will play Will Young and sing Evergreen at the top of my voice so I can annoy them!! fair huh!!
I do have to blow my own trumpet though and can sing a wicked version of Robin (Kermits nephew) Halfway up the stairs - so proud!

2. I was a Brownie when I was younger an Elf and have remained a true brownie ever since and am proud to say I always "Think of others before myself!!"

3. I have held a spider in my mouth a bit like I'm a celebrity Jungle!!! .......................ok so not like in the jungle,picture the scene - kids were on the settee and I was pulling the curtains looking up with my mouth open (don't ask me why it was open i dunno) as I pulled the curtains something landed in the back of my throat - obviously I started choking and causing a scene with kids laughing, spat this thing out and it was only a blooming great big spider which unravelled itself and scuttled under the settee!! waaagh yeah I know nearly death by spider!!
Luckily we both survived!!
I also have to pass this on to 5 others

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend - no snow for us yet hope its not too icy wherever you maybe and stay safe!


  1. Urgh!!!! I have gone all goose bumpy reading about the spider!

    Your cards are beautiful - you must share the secret to making the image on the first one all sparkly, it looks fab!

    Thank you so much for the awards - I am honoured!

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Clare x

  2. Hi Sue
    lovely card's you sure have been busy.
    I know what it's like to (almost) eat a spider. I alway's have a glass of water by the side of my bed, I was taking a sip (in the dark) and felt something move inside my mouth, I put the bedside light on & I spat out a spider, I screamed SO LOUD that I woke my poor hubby up. Now I have a cover that I always put over my drink lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  3. Thank you Suzie for the award.
    You have been busy cardmaking (and I don't think you need ask David Bailey to come back!!) Your photography is fine to me.

    It might just be me, but I prefer chocolate to spiders!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello my little fruit and nut! I love all of these cards they are completely fabbylicious. I love the glitz on the first the shape of the second and the delicious bow and bling on the third. And thanks so much for the award. You made me smile at the end of a rather naff week! xxx

  5. Doh! Did I just hit post or did I go before? xxx

  6. Erm, not sure! So I think all of these cards are scrummy, love the glitz on the first, shape of the second and fabby bow and bling on the third. Thanks also for the award sweetie. xxx

  7. Hi hunnybun, love these cards, 'specially the aperture one, I'll have to have a go at one of those. You've definitely got attitude, you spider-muncher - your story made me shudder, I'll have to go and find some chocolate now to make me forget about it!

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  8. So who's been a busy girl then! Just love em very cool

  9. Great cards Suzie. I love them all for different reasons, I'm a bit of a bling girl really, anything sparkly catches my eye, lol.

    Glad you survived the spider but that's a really frightening story, I definitely need chocolate too to get over it.

    Sara xx

  10. Hi Suzie stunning card its so pretty and such a fabulous design. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  11. the spider story just made me gag!!! congrats on your awards!
    Justine x

  12. Absolutely fab cards Suzie and such cute stamps! I love your colouring and all that gorgeous sparkle, they're the perfect Christmas cards. Hope all's well with you and you don't have too much of the white stuff :D. Hugs, Chris xxx

  13. Pmsl at you , you are sooo funny!

    What a great set of cards wished I could have come over!

  14. Oh wow you have been busy Suzie, such gorgeous cards...I think my fav is the first one, it's so glittery and pretty :) Donna x


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