Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Twelve Days of Fluffmas!!

I bet you thought Christmas was over ? well not over at Stamping Fluff'n'Stuff , Oh No!!!
The fabulously funny Faye has her own 12 days of Fluffmas going on, Oh Yes!!!
She has 12 fluffy questions for you to answer and post them on your blog for you to be able to win some candy, so what are you waiting for..................

1. How old is Sweet Cheeks? 2 years old

2. What is the name of my Mum's Blog? It's an alien life

3. What are my favourite colours? (Clue; they're not what you might think they are!) pink, green, brown

4. We recently moved, but from which county? Devon

5. How many posts did I write in August? 16 posts

6. Which two Challenge Blogs do I play on? Cupcake craft challenge and Sweet Stampin Challenge

7. When is my birthday? (Clue; I was on holiday!) 15th March

8. What is my favourite crafting item? twine

9. Name the alternate reality I inhabit? Faye World

10. I love this as much as crafting, what is it? Cakes, Choklit and Ice Cream

11. What do we refer to my Dad as? (Bonus stash if you can tell me what his remedy for anything is?)
Doc Shingles - remedy - White Lightning Cider

12. Once Upon a Time, I had a career in? catering and HR

Now you really must pop by and join in the fun if you haven't visited before make a cuppa and get some tissues cos as you read Fayes posts you will be having a chuckle a minute!!!!
Toodle pop!!


  1. Hi Suzie, so sorry to hear that you were poorly over Christmas...I hope you are all on the mend now :) x

  2. Hi Suzie, what a load of questions not sure I could answer any of them, anyway love hope you are begining to feel better. Take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  3. Hello my little fruit and nut! Hope you are feeling better now my sweet and Happy New Year to you. Thanks for playing and good luck!


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