Monday, 21 March 2011

I survived!!

Good evening!!
Incase you were interested thought I would post a few pics of our week away.
1st up is me skiing downhill looking rather cocky but can't remember if I'm waving or signalling to put the blooming camera down as I'm out of control lol!!
Another of me stationery as I've just flown down the slope!!!
(not the one in the background silly the slope running parallel!)
Maybe next time I might tackle the steep one! (yeah right!!)
My other half Mark looking a little squinty think the sun may be in his eyes lol it was very hot and he come back with quite a sun tan on his chops and a little crispy too did tell him to wear suncream!!
Did he listen - no!!
A rare photo of Dumb and Dumber they had never snowboarded before and after their 1st two hour lesson decided they didn't need anymore apparently and for the rest of the week were boarding down slopes I wouldn't even walk down!!
The only time we saw them was at lunchtime to feed their tums - typical teenagers!!
We had a fab week, it was certainly knackering and I will remember to workout before I go next time as come the third day I couldn't even walk, literally I was in agony!!
As they say no pain no gain!!
After a bit of pampering in the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and heated sun lounger I was back to skiing the next day.
It was the first time for us and would thoroughly recommend it although tiring it was fun fun fun!!
Looking forward to catching up with you all and hopefully get some crafting done!!


  1. Hi Sue
    me prayers worked then (that you would come home with no broken bone's) sooooo pleased that you enjoyed it. I had to laugh when I read about your other half not listening to you (regarding sun tan cream), you should know by now that they never listen to good advice from their other half rotfl. I would love to be brave enough to try skiing, BUT I'm too much of a scaredy cat, add to that I'm ever so old, my gran-kids put me to shame, because even the little one(age 4) can ski.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  2. OMG Suzie, You have brought tears to my eyes....Me and Hubby went skiing for 9 years on the run (we even had a skiing honeymoon in Kitzbuel in Austria).
    Seeing you and the family brought bak all the memories, it's a long time since we went but we wouold go back tomorrow.
    Funny but we were only taling about it last week as in January next year Eve my daughter is 21 and we have been talking about all going (Kids have both been three times with School) but we have never been as a family...Thanks for the push, I will look into it now.
    You look brilliant on ski's, go for it girl!

  3. hello hunnie wow looks like a fabby time had by all and thanks for sharing your photos very envious!!! Looking forward to seeing some crafting now mrs xx

  4. Wooo hooo you're alive.

    Great pics


  5. Glad to hear you are back home and in one piece too! No brokey bones thank goodness!

    My boy loves his skiing but me? Well I can't even walk without tripping up or falling over!

    Nice to have you back
    Love Elaine xx

  6. Sounds like you had a brilliant time my little fruit n nut. xxx

  7. Oh Suzie that definitely looks fun, my eldest grandson is a nut as far as skiing is concerned and hes even a qualified instructor so that tells you something. Fabulous photos by the way. with hugs Shirleyxx

  8. Wow fab pics Suzie and fab snow...sounds like you had a wonderful you've come home for a rest lol! :) Donna x

  9. Go Suzie!! Well, that's the next Winter Olympics sorted... Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you didn't get plastered - the broken bone kind anyway!!

    Hugs, Nicki, xx


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