Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Best thing to hold onto........

in life is each other!!!
What a beautiful sentiment this is from Penny Black, i made this the main focus of the card for a create and take at work recently.
Rather a simple card using crafts too pansy frame embossing folder accenting the flowers and leaves with pencils and stickles for that added sparkle!!
I've not done much creating of late as you can probably tell - my last post was the 7th May!!
OOH! the shame !!!
I think i will blame it on the weather as soon as the sun comes out you feel like you need to be outside instead of stuck indoors, but i am glad it has turned a little cooler as do not enjoy it when it's humid and stuffy.
Right must dash have washing to hang!


  1. Hi Sue
    VERY VERY pretty card, love that frame. Yes you have been missed, BUT every one understands IF/WHEN the weather is nice, you don't want to be indoors crafting, when you could be outside in the glorious sunshine.
    Glad you are able to put your washing out, I unfortunately had to get ALL of mine in, bedding, clothes, bath mats,towels. Some selfish person has lit a stinking bonfire, woah betide them IF I find out who is responsible. I just can not for the life of me, understand WHY someone would light a stinking (& believe me it is stinking smells like tyres burning), on a lovely day like today. Sorry for my rant, BUT I hate putting the drier on, even on a rainy day, so to have to put it on today has really hacked me off.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  2. Oh what gorgeous card Suzie.

  3. Lil Fruit n Nut, this is beautiful, you know that, right? xx

  4. love the embossing folder stunning card xx

  5. Hi Sue
    Lovely card very patriotic. I didn't get around to doing my Jubilee cards in the end, ALL good intentions, purchased LOADS of stuff BUT (as always) just ran out of time. Hope your next door neighbours party went well & hope you didn't have too many sherbets.
    if you get this message twice, please delete one. Very stroppy husband wanted an envelope NOW, so he put me all in a tither so don't know if I sent my comment or not.
    Sandra (craftynan)


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