Sunday, 12 August 2012

I have waited a long time....

My name is Suzie Q and I am full of funny stories.... if only I had all day I would have you rolling on the floor!

But let me tell you first about an amazing lady called Caz that I work with, she is soooo funny and kind and I love going to work when she is there, I can not believe that someone can be so funny, talented, kind all in one human being.  She is also very trustworthy, so much so I even gave her my log in details for blogger!

or is it?!?!?  Now then.... Suzie Q contstantly frapes my facebook at work and usually talks about me needing a poo or something!! LOL  Love ya Suzie xxx  cazx


  1. Ha Ha! Who is this mystery blogger?

  2. I wanna work with you guys... can I have a job? xx

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