Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sizzix Pop N Cutz

Good Evening!
Fingers crossed all will go well not had much luck with the ole pooter of late but tonight seems to be a good one!!
The link on blogger to add photos seems to be working so here we go......................
Well I have been making a few cards of late using the Sizzix Pop 'n' Cutz , I am certainly loving these and they are so easy to make and decorate you can whip them up in minutes depending of course how much you wish to embellish them.
This was a recent one i made for my parents Anniversary i decided to go bright and colourful - ok you may need your sunglasses!!

I kept the front nice and simple as i had gone overboard on the inside, which reminds me I need to return the little birds i used on the inside to Caz!!! (sorry mate!)
If you fancy having a go at making a pop n cutz card you can see all the different shaped insides they do at
I have made a couple more of these cards but will save them for another time as you are probably still getting over the shock that i have posted! lol x



  1. Hiya Suz
    Glad to see your back in blogland.
    I was having so many problems (still am) with loading photo's, I almost called blogger a day and forget it, it was taking such a long time that i just got fed up. Today it has been ok, but yesterday it was sh**.
    Sorry it's been a pain for you too.
    Gorgeous card Mum and Dad will love it.

  2. Hi ya Sue! Absolutely love your card, all folksy and gorgeous and the pop up is brilliant. Chris xx

  3. Hi Sue
    lovely card, your Dad & Mum will love it.
    Sandra (craftynan)


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