Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pretty Flowers Everywhere!

 Good Morning!
Here is what I made my lovely Mum for Mother's Day!
I love love love this style of card and could not believe my luck in learning how incredibly easy they are - bonus!!!!
To know that this little beauty will fold flat into an envelope is so cool and she absolutely loved it!
 I did have to pain stakingly cut around all these flowers as I did not have the matching die but in the end it was quite therapeutic as I stamped all the flowers and then cut while watching TV so didn't really notice I was doing it.
Here is a "fangy dangy" angle so you can see what an impact this style of card has.
I followed this brilliant tutorial where the lady gives you all the measurements in inches or cm definitely one to try!
Hope you like!
Have a wonderful Sunday x


  1. Stunning Mrs Q!
    I love these boxes but I know I'm waaaaay too dumb to figure out how to make one! And I do not have the patience to cut out fiddly flowers, but the result was very well worth your time and's a lickle stunner.

    Big squishy hugs to you
    Lots of love
    Elaine xxx

  2. So clever! And I love the colours you've used too Suzie!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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