Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So Chuffed!!

Hullo, Hullo,
Firstly thank you to everyone who has come and visit me and my blog and leave me lovely comments, " I am well chuffed" to say the least.
I think it may be something to do with a certain Mrs Wonka who took it upon herself to display my birth into blogland all over her blog this morning - for this I am grateful of course.
Although stupidly I was feeling very nervous and then even more so when I popped on to her blog!
I must confess I am not too clever on the ole pooter as many of my friends will confirm, so it may take me a little longer to work my way around blog land than most normal folk I will do my best.
It is a long standing joke that I am ribbed about often when I rang my computer helpline for advice and the guy on the phone asked me
"What windows do you have madam?"
To which I replied "Sash, but what has that got to do with My Computer?"

However I do have a personal computer wizard who doesn't seem to mind me calling whatever time and she seems to know all the answers to anything -good ole Trace your a diamond!
This is the card I made my lovely Mum (Hi Muv) for mothers day. I have used a sketch for this card which I came across on Cards by Tiets Blog. This lady is so talented if I know how to link I would. Trace help lol
You will begin to notice that I do love Elzybells so be prepared!
Toodle Pop!
eta I now know how to link yahoo!
Here it is cards by tiets


  1. Gorgeous card.

    I don't know what you're worrying about everything you make is stunning!!!


  2. YAY.... you made it!! great to see you in Blogland Sue!! your blog looks fab and the cards are gorgeous!!
    Love the 'windows' thing!
    Justine x
    P.S. I'm a follower.

  3. About time too, Suzie Q! Lovely card, bet your Mum loved it? Keep em coming hun, Heidi xxx

  4. You are on a roll now! Lovely card.
    Paula x

  5. This is really pretty! Wow 2 cards in 2 days steady on girl!!! LOL

    Keep em coming!

    Z xxx

  6. Welcome to blogland Susie, you'll soon find your way around. Love your cards, they're really pretty, and I laughed at your profile comment about using stuff instead of just collecting - I'm also guilty of that! Nicki, xx.

  7. Very pretty card Suzie, welcome to Blogland :) Donna x

  8. Lol Sash you are sooo funny...

    And another stunning masterpiece we have here, that lace is beautiful too....


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