Friday, 27 March 2009

It's Frrriddday!!!

Hullo Hullo,
It's Friday and I wonder what all you "Funtime Frankies" will be up to this weekend?
I shall be very busy as I am fortunate enough to work at my local craft shop "Craftsulove" and this weekend is our Spring Extravaganza where there are lots of workshops and demo's from 10am -3pm so if you've nothing planned pop along and say Hi!
My card for today is one of the cards that I made for my son, nice and simple with a couple of stickers, looking at it now I really must perfect the art of matting and layering -any tips?
Well must go was mean't to be having an early night so i will be full of beans in the morn!
Enjoy your weekend
Toodle pop!
mmmm..... monkeys evereywhere x


  1. Hi There how are you? I"m Heidi's cousin in Australia. Thought i would pop by and say Howdy and welcome to Blog world.
    What a fab guy card. Love the colours they are great

  2. Hi Suzie Q, it was lovely to meet you yesterday and you make a mean sarnie too lol! I love the papers you've used on this card and the bike is brill, hope you get to relax a bit today after all your hard work yesterday :) Donna x

  3. Another brilliant masterpiece my girl...

    Try cutting your behind piece 1/2 a centemetre bigger than the front piece for now till you get used to it, then I will show you how to do tinier borders....


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