Monday, 25 May 2009

Some pretties from my garden!!!

Hullo, Hullo,
No card as of yet as have been pretty busy out and about - where does the time go I can't beleive it is Monday already!!!
I did manage to take a couple of piccies in my garden for "Flower Watch!!" lol but not of my hibiscus syriacus bluebird i am still waiting for it to bud!
This is my white and pink rhodedendron

This is my red one

And a bee u ti ful butterfly, I only wish i was a good photographer believe me i tried my hardest to get one of her wings open!

Hopefully be back later with a card

enjoy your monday




  1. beautiful piccies hunnie...rhody's are lovely at this time of year...look forward to a card later from you, thanks also for your love and best wishes for me really appreciated xx

  2. Wow Suzie, your garden must be so colourful, such wonderful piccy's :) Donna

  3. OMG how beautiful, I shalnt let ya see my garden....ohhhh noooo!!!


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