Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Top of the World!!!

I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation ,
And the only explanation I can find Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around, Your love's put me at the top of the world .........
Oh if only I could sing I would be singing it to you lovely people out there in blogland -really I would and for those that know me know I am pretty excitable and this just has to be one of those days!!
After the past two weeks of kids with broken toe, flooding the bathroom resulting in water pouring through ceiling (yes my own fault couldn't even pass the buck on that one !!) and skating injury for my youngest resulting in bruisin on chin, head, shoulders and a complete nail being ripped out whole, yes whole, no nail just raw flesh it was nasty! (hope you haven't just eaten!)
Well onto my good news, I awoke to find I had received this lovely award from the lovely Maree

How sweet is this such a lovely award- thank you so so much, it also needs to be passed on to 10 lovely people so this is going to be hard so I will be drawing names out of a hat for this one. ( I am going on hols so may have to do this when I back hope you don't mind x)

For my next news I also made Top Five over at Cupcake Craft Challenge this week, thank you girlies I am so chuffed!!! Look to the right for my brand new shining blinkie :)

Now then, could things get any better - Oh yes they most certainly can...............................I ONLY WENT AND WON THE MYSTERY GOODY BAG OVER AT THE FANTASTICALLY TALENTED MARLENES A LIL BIT OF ME (thankyou Marlene x)

Obviously I haven't got a clue what I have won (bit of a giveaway in the title "Mystery goody bag" lol!!!!! but am I one excited bunny as it wasn't a random person picked you had to make Marlene giggle and luckily she chose me, so I am sure you have visited Marlene's blog before but if not check out her super duper cards and you can also see my funny story!!

I'm having the most wonderful day hope you are too - you lot brighten my days!




  1. Please carry on singing Suzie, this is one of my fav songs by The Carpenters lol! Wow you've had a lot to fit in to one post, congrats on your award and blog candy win and if I were you I'd wrap your kids up in cotton wool lol! Your Top 5 place on Cupcake was very well deserved and its shame you are away on hols coz we have our 1st birthday celebrations on Monday and we have loads of goodies to give away! Hope you have a fab hols, see ya when ya get back :) Donna x

  2. So sorry to hear about you and the childrens' misfortunes, but big congratulations on the rest of your news. Enjoy your holiday.
    Clare x


    Well done Suzie! You make such lovely cards and I think you might be listening to people telling you this (at last)!

    Sorry to hear about all the mishaps - have a great holiday. xxx

  4. Wow Suzie things have been just crazy in your land! I hope that finger heals soon so nasty!
    Congratulations on your award so deserved!
    Great look with your new blinkie congratulations!
    Fabulous that you won Marlene's candy loved your funny story!
    kim x

  5. I though Heidi was the Mad woman but now I can tell its you, totally barmy.
    Are you and your family usually so accident prone!!!
    Have a fab holiday and don't forget to tell us what the mystery candy is.

  6. Forget all you worries and have a super duper holiday dear friend, you deserve it! Don't forget to take some crafty bits away with you so that you can craft on the plane, lol! Enjoy your break, see you in two weeks, Hxx ps. Who is Debby called 'Mad'!!! Also, try 'American Pie' on karaeoke and think of me, lol x

  7. Oh blimey thought i had all the bad luck!1, well at leats you can sing from the roof tops now, with ya mystery bag, hope its everything ya dreamed of! have a great hol;s....
    Kim x


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