Friday, 11 September 2009

Having a play!

Hullo, Hullo,
I have been having a little play today as I have wanted to have a go at one of these cards for ages, I believe it's called the Tri-fold card.
Isn't it amazing - The design that is !
I think this looks a little busy but I was using up scraps of paper that I had lying around and although I messed it up a little by not paying attention whilst cutting with my craft knife (nearly had my pinky off!) I am quite pleased over all!
They are so easy, I'm sure you have already made one before but I thought they would be too taxing for my lil brain!! how wrong I was x
I think everyone will be getting one of these at the mo they are my new craze so if you got a birthday coming soon - you know who you all are you may be getting one of these!!
They will all be different of course!
Well I hope you like it and please pop back as I made a No 2 tri fold card (told you I was hooked)- would you like a sneaky peak ...........

Toodle pop!



  1. Hi Suzie, I love your card, don't think its too 'busy' at all. Fab papers too. A great card. Dawn Marie.xx

  2. Oh wow this is totally fabulous!
    You are so clever it looks complicated!
    Love it!
    kim x

  3. Fantastic card Suzie, I absolutely love the design and the papers you have used...I can't wait to see card no.2! Hope you have a fab weekend :) Donna x

  4. Oh this is fabulous and love that it looks really complicated.


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