Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Selection for you!


Hullo, Hullo,
Yes I know another tri fold, but I did warn you they are my newbie card design - for me anyway!!
This was for the lovely Paula that celebrated her 40th on Tuesday and I also made a matching wallet

I also had another birthday card to make for the lovely Heidi who happened to share the same birthday as Paula.
Can you guess what I made her ?
Ok you guessed

Another Tri fold card!!!
I promise that will be it for a while, I will most probably still be making them but maybe postpone posting them - I don't want to be losing me blog buddies ! lol x
On a sadder note I also had to make a sympathy card for my neighbour who's husband passed away - always a sad occasion and he was such a lovely chap. :(
I kept this very simple

Sorry about the bad quality of the photo it was a very pale yellow, the stamp is a hero arts dandelion stamp.

Hope you like what I been up to and may pop back tomorrow if you lucky with a crimbo card!Toodle pop!



  1. Coooeeee Mrs is loving your tri-fold cards and so am I, I love that you keep all the elements so different even though the style of card is the same! Lovely sympathy card, just perfect for the occasion :) Donna x

  2. Oh Suzie your cards are just wonderful!
    Paula and Heidi must be thrilled to bits and your neighbour will really appreciate your kindness.
    kim x

  3. Brilliant cards for Paula and Heidi, love them and must have another go myself.
    Beautiful sympathy card too.

  4. You won't bore me with your beautiful tri-fold cards. I love taking a look at them and the sympathy card is perfect.
    Clare xx

  5. These look great, especially like the green and orange with the sheep, great colour combo.


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