Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Hi De Hi!

Hullo, Hullo,
Hope you all had a lovely christmas and Santa brought you all you wished for!!
We had a lovely Christmas and everyone seemed to be happy with Santa's pressies certainly no complaints as of yet - apart from me, I was mean't to get a delivery from Next on Christmas Eve which was a nice new tablecloth and runner for Christmas Day as of now I still haven't received it! Doh!
It didn't spoil our day of course but did niggle me a little., ok a lot!!!
The card above I made for my son's birthday and I have photographed it in my new photo tent which was a Crimbo prezzie from my crazy friend Tracy cheers mate I LOVE IT!!
I think she bought if for me as she is fed up of listening to me moaning about not getting a good photo of my cards, which leads me to think if I keep moaning about my car do you think she might give in and buy me one of those - NAH I think not but I could give it a go - hee hee!!
I hope to get some me time and make a couple of cards but must warn you they will still most probably be Christmassy!
OOps is that a crime I dunno I will let you decide, trouble is I still have lots of Crimbo stamps to use at least it will give me a headstart for next Christmas!
See you soon,
Toodle pop!


  1. Hey Suzie, glad you had a fab Christmas and well done you on the photo tent, I could do with one of those too...I dropped enough hints to hubby but he obviously didn't get them lol! Fab card hun, love the colour combo and the lettering....brilliant! Happy New Year to you :) Donna x

  2. Love the card and i'm sure Ryan did too.

    Photo's are looking pretty good too :o)


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