Sunday, 13 December 2009

Last Minute Cards!

Hullo, Hullo,
How are you?
Manic, stressed, pulling your hair out ? or is that just me!
Only joking but I am getting a little panicky that I am not sorted for Christmas yet but then I leave everything to last minute like I normally do so I guess I just like the adrenalin rush - well at least that's what I am trying to convince myself!
I have had my swine flu jab, didn't hurt one bit and only had an achey arm for a couple of days so a result all round I think apart from my car breaking down in the car park afterwards, the alarms continually going off and missing my hair appointment!!!
Not a good day that!
I have my Christmas party at my local scrap club tomorrow and have to make some cards so as I have only just started making them, I thought I would keep them nice and simple so they will all probably look like these two above with maybe slight variations.
In all honesty I did think well it is a Scrapbooking club so would they not mind if they weren't hand made but apparently they make their cards so I didn't want to let the side down!
The card on the left with the little mouse and the scallop punched frame was inspired by Dawn if you get the time go check her blog out as she does some wonderful things and lots of videos on how to do them!
Well enough from me have fun whatever you may be doing!
Toodle pop!


  1. Lovely cards, need to start mine .....

  2. They're both lovely Suzie - good idea to stick to a simple design and just vary it slightly, it's a lot quicker! Love the frame on the little mousie card. Nicki, :0)

  3. hi hunnie hope you've had a good weekend sounds a fun time at docs and then breaking down oopss!!!
    hope you have a better week. your cards are fabby simplicity is the key i think and you've mastered it hun xx

  4. OH, I know what your saying I have only made two xmas cards this year(thanks to being sick for weeks)and I don't think two cards will cut it. Better get me finger out I Next picture on my blog of myself I will be bald! Your cards are lovely as always and I love the little mouse too cute.
    Bye for now

  5. Hi Suzie,
    These cards are so pretty. I love making those frames using punches.
    I'm glad your jab was okay, even if the rest of your day wasn't too good!
    Clare x

  6. Oh these are totally gorgeous!
    Sorry about the car breaking down so not funny!
    kim x

  7. Hi Suzie, glad your SF jage went ok bad luck on the car front though. Great cards, the holly one is so classy and I love the mouse one with the cut out shapes. Fab. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  8. Yes! I watched that video too! (Must go and watch it again!) Lovely cards! Love that cute mouse!

  9. wonderful cards hun, that mouse is so cute.
    sorry to hear of the car problems..
    was meant to have my jab today, but couldn't make it.. glad that you had no problems with it other than a achy arm..
    take care hugs Rachx

  10. Hi Suzie, so sorry I've not been around much...I've been a bit poorly and not felt kuch like blogging :( your cards are beautiful and less is definitely more on both of them, the holly corners are fab and I love the scroll text :) Donna x

  11. I love these cards especially the one on the right, very nice.
    Paula x


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