Thursday, 20 May 2010

:( DRAMA :(

Hullo, hullo,
Anyone who knows me will know I have very low computer skills!
as in when I had to ring up once about a computer problem I had already explained on the phone - BEWARE as me I know nuffink!!!
So when he asked me what windows I had? I replied "SASH" but what the hell has that got to do with my poorly pooter!!!!
A lot of laughs were had with the technician on the phone and a very bright red me on the other end of the line!!!
Hence the lack of posts at the moment!
I went to upload a card the other day and to my horror it didn't happen the way it normally did - eeeeeeeekkkk!
I don't like change and as you can imagine I am most fed up, there are four males in my house who seem to whizz around the pooter but have they got time to sort me out - NO!
Anyway I have told them at least one of them is allocating me some time tonight otherwise I AM GOING ON STRIKE!!!!
Hope to be back soon - I am sure it is very simple x
I am feeling very sorry for myself! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggggggh!
sorry red mist is rising!!!!!!


  1. I'm just the same Suzie! If my pc doesn't work, I just close the lid and walk away.
    I'd starve the rotters until they sort it out for you! That works in my house.
    Hope you get it sorted soon.
    Love Elaine xx

  2. Ah hunnie you sound like me, the computer is a lifeline!!! i really hope it gets fixed asap as wantingto see your next creation. Take care and enjoy the sun x

  3. Hi Suz,
    Hope you are back with us now, Oh by the way my windows are Double Glazed!!!
    Hope you will be back blogging...I have missed you.

  4. Hi Suzie
    I have got something that will cheer you up. If you go to A technophobes blog she has got some of those hAnglar & st Anglar stamps that you like, as a blog candy. She got them for a friend's birthday, but her friend had already ordered them, and as she DOESN'T like them she is giving them away. How ???? could any one NOT like them. Anyways good luck, and IF you win don't forget to stamp me up a few image's lol. I hope you get your puter mended, I am so lucky (you may or may not know this but I am a complete technophobe) and if I get any problems with mine (and I do on a regular basis) my lovely son come's and sort's it out for me lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  5. You do make me giggle!
    I hope one of your fella's sorts your pooter out for you very soon.
    Clare x

  6. Oh I can so emphasize Sue I really hope it gets better soon!
    kim x

  7. rofl.. sorry hun but you write things so funny...
    i do feel for you though, as i am the same, hope that things get sorted for you soon

    The hanglars... i bought them from ebay.. hanglar & stanglar are selling to the uk through ebay... but you have to be quick.. as when they list them they sell out really quick..

    here is the link to the ebay store .. it isn't showing anything at the moment but just keep an eye out xxx

    Hugz Rach xxx

  8. oohh this really made me laugh :-) ,, sash windows lol ,, how funny :-),, mind you I am not much better :-) ,, starve em too right !! I would too ,, lol ,, :-)

    thanks for your comment on my blog ,, you asked why there was a little cross next to your name ,, it is the new Linkz system ,, I don't see the cross , only the person who has left the link can see it ,,, clever eh !! it is so that if you made a mistake you can cancel that and add a correct one :-) that is why you don't see crosses on any other ,, but they can see a cross next to their name ,,, am I being as clear as mud ?? :-)

    Lols x x x


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