Monday, 7 June 2010

Simple Card!

Hullo, Hullo,

I have made a quick and simple card that really didn't take too long to make using the sketch from Sunday Sketch and Stamp.

All products are from Stampin Up, I have used the Vintage vogue stamp set and of course i now need the matching wheel this SU stuff is very addictive!!!

Not much to chat about tonight as feeling very angry at the moment as my son had his bike pinched at school along with his friends. I feel so gutted for him and obviously anger towards the little scrotes that pinched them!!!!

He was only there for a couple of hours as doing exams at the moment grrrrr!!!!

They both have part time jobs they work very hard at and save all their money to spend on their bikes, they have built them up from scratch and its not cheap keeping BMX's as they always have to have the latest part on them.

It is so frustrating as they have probably been broken down and sold off already!

Sorry just needed to vent!!!!

Hope you are having a better week than we are

love to you all



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  1. OMG little U know whats, I wont say it, but you know what i mean. Scum, think it's right to steal, glad my kids know better, some kids are dragged up and no no better. Your poor lad and his friend.
    Gorgeous card, and the burgandy colours are lovely, the "F" is so nice looks great. Debbiexx

  2. Love your card, the colours are fab and the sentiment is beautiful.
    As for the bikes, I'm so sorry for your son and his friend. There are some little sods about, and unfortunately, sometimes their parents are even worse. We had a spate of bikes being stolen around here too. If my son came home with a bike that wasn't his I'd damn well want to know where he got it from, but some parents don't care!! I hope he gets it back again.
    Love Elaine xx

  3. oh my i can't believe some people, i don't blame you for being so angry.. you vent hun... your poor lad.. :((

    love your simple card though hun.. this style looks so clean to me.. love hope that your week improves.xx

  4. Little Buggers! That makes me so mad I wonder how they would feel if it had been their property that had been stolen. I'm a big believer of karma and what goes around comes around.
    Great card love the colours very nice

  5. hiya hunnie your card is lovely love the vintage look and your colours. Can't believe what has happened did these S**ts not know that you don't mess with Suzie Q!!!! hugs hunnie x

  6. Hi Suzi, sorry to hear about your sons bike, my grandson used to take the seat off when he took his to school as they carnt ride it then.
    I do so hope your son gets some luck with finding who the sweet person was.
    Fabulous card, love the simplicity of it, and gorgeous colour. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  7. Morning suzie,your card is beautiul,love the clean simple finish to this one,just the style i like to see:)

    sorry to hear about your sons bike,that is rotten and i too would be very very angry.the school should have CCTV on the bike sheds,i just hope the rotters get caught.

    thank you for your lovely comments regarding my son Ian.His nose is in a very bad way and he is going into hospital on firday for the day for a general anasthetic to have his nose sorted out,the bone at the top is definately broken and the ligaments are badly damaged too.So fingers crossed everything goes well for him tomorrow.will keep ya posted:)


  8. Gorgeous card Suzie, love the simplicity of this card and the fab DP...stunning colours! It's such a shame that your son had his bike stolen....thieving little g*ts :( Donna x

  9. Hi Sue
    only just caught up with your blog today, I am so sorry to hear about your son and his friend's bikes, perhaps it would be worth asking if there was any camera's, where they left the bikes. Lovely card by the way.
    Sandra (craftynan)


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