Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Yay I Made Fave Five!!!

Hullo, hullo,

OOh it's Been so long how are you all - crispy and fried no doubt in this heat!!!

Yay I am chuffed to bits I have made Fave Five over at Stamp with Us this week - how cool!

So I thought I would share with you some piccies of what I made at a recent Stampin Up workshop, you're gonna love em for sure as they are choccy coloured!!!

1st up is a lil card (very wonky and seemed to have lost me spots on the left! forgive me i was rushing at this point!)
Here is the great sentiment inside

Next up is my choccy wrap - inside is some scrummy belgian choc which I haven't even touched yet - honest

Last but not least my fandabidozie pop up card - slightly squished!!

Hope you liked them, I really enjoyed making them!

Toodle pop


PS - Remember your sunscreen - it's gonna be hot hot hot!!!!!


  1. Wow congratulations on making the top 5!
    Love your fabulous cards great paper and such gorgeous designs!
    kim x

  2. Oooh congrats on the making it to the top 5, that's fabulous news!
    Gorge cards, all yummy and good enought to eat!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  3. Oh wow Suzie so many scrummy choccy creations to drool over...I really love your pop up cake, squished or not, love it lol! :) Donna x

  4. well I am not surprised is a fabbi card and well deserved!!

    not touched even a tddy corner piece, mmmm yeahhh!! lol

    I tell ya susie I have not slept a blinkin wink !!! both doggies sqeauling!!

  5. Ooops forgot to say didn you know that there is a Martina cole four parter series on sky one on the 17th called the Take!! don't think much of the casting!! they sure don't look like I imagined they should look like..lol i think i would make a great casting agent for sure!!...lol

  6. Congrats on making the top 5 Suzie and I love your chocolate creations.

    Liza x

  7. Wahoo - well done you and it is a totally wowsers card. Kim

  8. these are wonderful, so sweet and yummy.xx

  9. Congratulations on making the Top 5 Suzie, I love your creations, only thing is I want to eat them, cos they look yummy..... Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my xmas card. I got the little easel from Hobbycrafts, they just opened a shop in Edinburgh, I love it, but it is tooo handy now, if you know what I mean, LOL. love Avril xx


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