Monday, 5 July 2010

Red White And Blue!

Hullo, Hullo,
"Easy tiger!!" I hear you say - I know, so I hadn't posted for a while and then like buses 2 come along at once!! lol
Well, I was quite liking the red white and blue so decided to go with that again and try a bit of a contemporary feel with this one and wanted the funky sentiment to be the centre of attention. added a few stars and DAD wording and there you go - JOB DONE!!
It looks a tad better in real life the photo doesn't do it justice and the embossing stands out a treat.
I keep saying to myself I will use my embossing folders more often so I have now taken them from the CB folder and stored them in a box with their names written at the top so I can flick through them easily.
Enough from me lots to do as usual!
Hope you are all well and thank you for your taking the time to leave me comments they are most appreciated
Toodle pop!


  1. Hi Sue and your card is fantastic, I bet as you say the embossing stands out even more IRL, love that effect, it's perfect for mens' cards. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Chris xx

  2. Hi Suzie, wow love your card that edge is fabulous and makes a stunning card of it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  3. Super-de-duper card Suzie, fab embossing and I love the look as though the Happy Birthday has been torn off a pad...a really lovely layout on this card...hope you are having a good week so far :) Donna x

  4. Hi Sue
    get you, two cards in two days. Love your card, the embossing makes the card stand out a treat. I love the tip (regarding the embossing folders), it's such a fad having to take them out of the CB folders every time you want to use them (and mine weighs a ton anyway)lol, so I am going to put mine in a box (? possobily 4-5 boxes)rotfl.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  5. Wooo, a fab masculine card - love the embossing especially. Thanks for the 'love' over at my place too :D

  6. Loving this card Suzie, all the textures are great, give it a lovely feel, if you'll pardon the pun! (not intended!) Hope your water issues have settled. x

  7. aww- this card is a lovely one and even though its not a professional one, it conveys the love and tender feelings very nicely


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