Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just the one!

Apologies for lack of posts, can't seem to get back in the swing of things since our hols and definitely come back down to earth with a bump this week - on a real post holiday downer!!!
I so wish I was back there, tan is fading fast and I've started to go all scaly and peely - why is this I've moisturised enough I'm like a slippery eel!!!!
Hey ho - enough of the moans it won't get me anywhere!!
How's you??
Nice to see a bit of sunshine for a change don't you agree?
Well my card was made for no particular reason other than I wanted to stamp my new Alota cupcake stand, isn't it cool, unfortunately the glitter on the cupcake cases doesn't show but they sparkle a treat and each are topped with a lovely pink gem!!
The pink backing is pearlised and thankfully didn't reflect in the camera I thought it might be tricky to photograph, I do like this colour combo together.
I will be entering my card into the Papertake Weekly Challenge which is Just the One so I think that will account for the 1 ribbon I have used, lets face it I can't speak for the oodles of cupcakes on that stand!!!
Well I may not have been busy cardmaking but I have been putting Kling on to the backs of my new Elzybells stamps (gawd blimey guv there were a few!!!)
Hopefully I will get some time to use them soon.
hope you are all well and if the sun isn't shining for you go hide out in your craft room!!!
Toodle pop!


  1. Yummy Suzie, Give us one!!
    This is great and I agree the colour combo is really nice. I am commenting to you from my daughters laptop!!!
    Don't even ask....My Pc went into the shop today, after it smelt awful of burning..Don't think thats right for a pc do you?
    HOPE 2 be able to comment again this year!!

  2. Gorgeous card Suzie and such scrummy colours to go with your cupcakes...love the stitching...very nice indeed! So sorry to ehar you have the post holiday blues...hope things brighten up for you soon :) Donna x

  3. Oh hun, holiday blues are pants! Enjoy the sun while we have it babe. This is such a sweet little card, love it. xxx

  4. Hullo hullo back at ya!
    Sorry to hear you're down in the dumps. There's a cure for that, well 2 cures - take another holiday or go shopping! If I win my millions this week (which I'm sure it must be my turn by now) I'll send you off on another holiday just please don't get too excited. I couldn't win a bag of sand in the desert!
    Anyhow, beautiful card, loving the cuppy cakes, and it's a fabby colour combo.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments Mrs, mucho appreciated.
    Be good.
    Love Elaine xx

  5. Gorgeous card Suzie, sweet yummy image and colours. Not to worry they're back to school soon.

  6. Hi Sue
    lovely card, those cakes look good enough to eat. For those post holiday blues, just think you are that much closer to your next holiday lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  7. hello chick!! good to see you about, get back in your crafty room and keep making that will get rid of the post holiday blues either that or think of xmas lol!!!
    Very elegant card lush!!!!

  8. love the contrast you created with pink and black


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