Thursday, 9 September 2010

Oh Sunny Days!!

Hullo Hullo,
Top of the morning to ya!!!
Well it looks like a nice and sunshiney day today lets hope it stays that way!!
I did say hope!!!
Well this is project number 2 from the fab stamping event, using the SU Sunny Days scrap kit and Big Bold Birthday stamps, I love the way that SU matches from the inks to the papers, right down to the accessories it's fab!!
Here are the other 2 cards to complete the class, such lovely and bright colours, apologies if it is a bit bright for you first thing but is sure to wake you up for the rest of the day.
See - you won't need a coffee now! lol x
Hope you like!
I have one more project to come, but I still need to make a few finishing touches, If you haven't seen my first project be sure to look at post below.

Toodle pop!


  1. Wow Suz, 4 cards, I will go get my sunglsses NOW!
    How fabby, they are ll great, cannot pick a favorite 'cos they are all nice.
    The papers and embelishments all go together beautifully, well done you. Debbiexx

  2. Morning little Miss sunshine lol!! Get you with your brightness on a dreary day in Scotland!! Loving it though hun very cheery but then wouldn't expect anything less from you!! Hmmmmmm you are reading very cleverly into my posts right now and yep you are reading right and even more so when I put another romantic card on my blog in a roly mo !!! xx

  3. Hi Sue
    love these lovely bright colours. I hope you got my comments on your previous post ? but as we had a power cut for most of the day & evening, didn't know if it would get to you (I expect you lost your power too didn't you ?). I'll tell you something to make you laugh (although I nearly cried when I saw it in the daylight today).I was trying to finish a project that I have been working on for ages (top secret), and I was working with the aid of a tilly lamp. I thought I was really clever
    beavering away, WELL when I saw it when the lecky came back on you would have thought a five year old had done it, there was dried glue where it shouldn't have been, I had managed to cut away part of the project, I was spitting nails when I saw it. So it all went in the bin. So I am working like crazy now to get it finished lol.
    When I get a spare mo I will check to see if the previous comment is on your blog.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  4. Oh I love this bright, zingy set, it's so vibrant and defo matches the weather we've had today. xx

  5. Oooooh more scrummy creations Suzie, love the bright vibrant colours and gorgeous papers :) Donna x

  6. Oooo Err Missus, you've been such a busy little SuzieQ!
    These are gorgeous Suzie, yes they are bright, but lovely and cheerful cards.
    Now I am so looking forward to seeing your next post if it's got anything to do with the previous post. Did that make sense huh?
    Be Good!
    Love Elaine xx

  7. Oh wow Suzie these are amazing!
    Love your gorgeous creations!
    kim x


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