Friday, 10 April 2009

Wasp's Nest in my Attic!

Hullo Hullo,
I'm back with my "Wasp's Nest!"
I thought you might like to see a piccy of it as these really are a work of art.
It looks as though it is made of different shades of wood, it really is amazing and very soft to the touch - you can see where the wasp's go in and out.
This is nowhere near as big as the one we had before, it was absolutely "mahussive" really it was.
For some reason we always seem to get one and it drives me mad as they were getting in our ensuite somehow - i think it was through the little gap around the spotlights.
These were no ordinary wasps they were "mega super morphed over an inch" wasps.
No joke they were enourmous!
It was when they get a bit dopey and when I came in from work I would check our bathroom and there would literally be millions (ok about 20-30) lyin in the bath ,sink , swimming in the loo!
OOh it wa 'orrible!
Well I hope you have enjoyed my "show and tell"

Toodle pop!


  1. Wow that is so pretty, we have had a few but none as big as that, ooo missus! Have a great weekend mate, make sure you have some choccy, it will soak up the alcohol! I promise I won't force you to have Bob's next week, lol! xx

  2. OOOh Suzie, thats give me goose bumps and the hairs on my arms have stood up on end!
    I think i'd have left them in my home and I'd have moved out.
    Goodbye O'Brave One
    Tracy x

  3. though i don't envy you the thought of having these huge wasps in your home. that nest is spectacular. wow!!
    hugs rachxx

  4. OMG how big!!!!

    Then again for mahousive wasps they'd need a mahousive house lol.

    Now you just need to think of something crafty to do with it. Waste not want not lol.


  5. oh my i would be so freaked out lol!!!! but what a find...hey sell it on ebay some wasp fanatic might snap it up lol

  6. wow, that's amazing! Glad that you have got rid though, cos I wouldnt fancy one of those in my house lol!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  7. What a pretty waspy nest, could you use it as a lamp shade? ;)

    Z xxx

  8. OMG Suzie, I'm assuming you don't have any wasps in it now lol! I wonder why they like your ensuite so much lol! :) Donna x

  9. Oh My Gosh I have never seen anything like it. I would have to go to the toilet if I was greeted with something like that in my

  10. Oh my god are ya bonkers touching that thing.... Oh I would have moved


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