Thursday, 2 April 2009

Baaaaaa.. Baaaaa

Hullo, Hullo,
Please excuse the title of this post as it was my sad impression of a sheep!
This little sheep I have decided to call "Shaun" because he so reminds me of
the little sheep character in all the "Wallace and Gromit" films - do you get me?
All my kids loved Wallace and Gromit so I have seen them all many times.
This card is another one Kim Fee demonstrated on a class at Craftsulove and I love it!
(Thanks Kim!)
On the front I have had a lil go at the 'ole stitching and yeah I think it looks cool!

As you open up the ribbon "Ta Dah!" - a little secret message appears!
What a great one too!
I gave this card to my mum for one of her birthday's and luckily my mum has
kept all my cards so yeah since starting the blog I have been calling them in for
a little photo session .
When she brought them round I was like "Did I make that?"
(you know the dodgy ones she had put at the back)
And yeah - apparently I did (I was blindfolded -surely?)
Till next time
Toodle pop!


  1. fab card thought i recognised the paper i've got the same in my stash too!!! good way of using it too very effective. emma xx

  2. This is sooooooo cute, I love this stamp! Although mine is still in its packaging! lol

    Well done Suzie Q Keep em coming!

    Z xxx

  3. Oh WOW! what a fantastic card Suzie Q. Love the lamby my son has a fetish for lambs he just love them and he says "very good"
    (he is only 6) best wishes

  4. thecraftygoatgirl.blogspot.comThursday, April 02, 2009 12:00:00 pm

    Baa-rilliant! (soz bad joke, lol) Love this style of card. These papers are lovely too and you know that I love these sheeps, hugs Hx

  5. Oh likey , likey , likey. very much indeedy...


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